Kubilai Khan investigations
Kubilai Khan investigations' project
With more than 20 years experience and 30 works created and presented in France and in more than 60 countries, Kubilai Khan investigations has proven itself as a platform for multi-disciplinarian creations, a workshop for artistic dynamics both on a local and international scale. From the coasts of Mozambique right across to the bay of Tokyo, sliding from one time zone to another, activating the transversality of artistic languages as well as cultural questioning.
Since its creation, the company has been the “associated-artist” with many different organisations and their territories (CNCDC Châteauvallon in Ollioules, Pôle Sud in Strasbourg, the Arsenal in Metz, La Comédie scène nationale in Clermont-Ferrand, the Louis Aragon Théâtre in Tremblay-en-France). In 2011-2012 season, the company has been in residence at the Paul Eluard Théâtre in Bezons. Between 2016 and 2018, it has been in residence with the Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Saint-Denis, Théâtre de Beauvaisis in Beauvais ans Théâtre des Salins in Martigues. In 2020, a new collaboration begins with Les Scènes du Jura, scène nationale.
The artistic project has never ceased to question space / the world in mutation, to sound out transformations in progress, to observe the continual emergence of reality and its representations through encounters between the arts, territories and publics. An international dynamism is experimentation through showings yet even more so through the numerous residences and creations produced on site (to date several works have been created and rehearsed beyond our frontiers with local collaborations in Japan, Ghana, Mozambique, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria, Poland and Indonesia).
We are developing, and have developed before, a relationship with the town, with its urban-ness, with its social fabric, specific and appropriate forms. The most relevant expression of this research is Constellations festival, started from the company in 2007 and taking place since then in Toulon and in other cities.
We have also defined tools for the transmission to and meetings with the publics. We have sought for ways of formulating our work methods which become more intense within the collective reality of our day-to-day lives. Bodies carefully presented within a direct relationship with the town.