Kubilai Khan investigations
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"I want people to think about their bodies"
Steve Paxton

Micro Collisions proposes to survey places, to tell the place of humans and non-humans.

Michel Lussault is a geographer. Frank Micheletti is a choreographer. Each in his own way explores space... Here, they combine art and science to offer us a walk in the footsteps of the Anthropocene. By walking through a neighbourhood, they tell us about the relationship between humans and non humans, all in a context where global change questions the future of our cities... When emotions and knowledge go hand in hand to rethink the world.
7/9/2024 Micro collisions : balade anthropocène - Acb, scène nationale de Bar le Duc (55)
14/4/2024 Micro-collisions : balade anthropocène - Festival Arsmondo Utopie - Opéra national du Rhin à Strasbourg (67)
3/6/2022 Micro collisions : balade anthropocène, Géopark des Bauges, Saint-Jorioz
11/2/2022 Micro collisions : balade anthropocène, Les Hivernales CDCN, La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon
14/11/2021 Micro collisions : balade anthropocène, Les 2 Scènes, Besançon