Kubilai Khan investigations
Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Beauvais

From september 2016 and till 2019, Frank Micheletti is associated artist to the Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Beauvais.

He will be on stage with the show Bien sûr les choses tournent mal in February and Siyin in June; besides, he will develop a varied programme of activities based on the connection with the inhabitants and the territory: workshops, open rehearsals, shows in private spaces, shows with non professional dancers...

Two appointments during 2017-2018 Theater's season :

Collections Secrètes #8
28 of march 2018, Manufacture nationale de la tapisserie de Beauvais
With Idio Chichava, Marine Colard @ Sara Tan

Collections Secrètes #7
15th of december 2017
Lauren Bolze, Marine Colard & Sophia Wright

Kubilai will also present this season two 2017's creations :
Volt(s) Face ( 8/06/18) and Black Belt (9/06/18).
28/3/2018 Collections secrètes # 8
15/12/2017 Collections secrètes # 7