Kubilai Khan investigations
Frank Micheletti
With a name as glorious as Kubilai Khan investigations, an original leader was needed, someone from both the shadow and the limelight, someone like the dancer and choreographer, Frank Micheletti.

Without making a noise, but just through word of mouth, the talent of this man with such an atypical profile for a contemporary dancer and with the group of artists (from circus performers, video artists, musicians, Japanese, Vietnamese...) who surround him, has known how to make himself heard at the right level : creating the time and space for artistic exchanges [...].

Even if Kubilai Khan investigations, set up in 1996, obviously possesses the conquering spirit of a great Mongol leader, it has above all a tolerant openness.

Each of the group's pieces transform the stage into a magnetic field pulling together the most unusual cohabitations, yet without yielding to the trap of an all inclusive mixture.
[...] Kubilai Khan alters images, sounds, voices and dance to unfold a polyphonic texture where each element separates itself and yet at the same time finds itself in accordance with the whole score. [...]
Rosita Boisseau, Panorama de la danse, Les Editions Textuel, 2006

I like to leave time for images to rise to the surface from obscure depths and then to glide through the wandering paths of our memories. To dance brings us closer to the renewable energies of mankind : a geo-poetic and micro-political form of the unknown lands that are our bodies, inviting us along a journey into every meaning and direction. The artistic fields are cartographic, they draw up plans where our lives explore themselves, tightly liked to that which surrounds us ; they are also “floating worlds” curved by the flow of energy, movements where our relationships to the world are constantly changing. Creation is an oscillation, a score that avoids the traps of assignment, of personality. It is the place for travelling, friction and infiltrations, an invisible architecture.
Frank Micheletti
Frank Micheletti by La Voisine