Kubilai Khan investigations
Théâtre des Salins, Scène Nationale de Martigues
For 2016-2017 season, Kubilai builds a strong partnership with the Théâtre des Salins, Scène Naionale de Martigues.

The Théâtre will host Kubilai's new creation Volt(s)face in April 2017.

Besides, the Théâtre and Frank Micheletti organise all season long five artistic events to discover or rediscover the city of Martigues, its secret places and the stories of its inhabitants.

Dance, music, urban walks, performances, parties... Meeting place for each event will be unveiled last minute. In order to involve the inhabitants in the preparation of this events, they are invited to reveal their secrets on the city, that will be an inspiring source for the construction of the artistic performances.
Several workshops will also be organised before every event to practice together before gathering in the festive night!

> free entrance, reservation required by the theatre


3d of December 2016

Idio Chichava, Rolando Rocha, Gabriela Ceceña, Melva Olivas Durazo, Mosi Espinoza, Frank Micheletti.

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28 of January 2017

Idio Chichava, Sara Tan, Bettina Fung, Yuko Oshima, Tomoko Sauvage, Nico Morcillo, Jean-Loup Faurat, Frank Micheletti.

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4 of march 2017

Idio Chichava, Gabriela Ceceña, Esse Vanderbruggen, Tatanka Gombaud, Xuan Le, Marine Colard, Frank Micheletti.

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1st of april 2017

Idio Chichava, Gabriela Ceceña, Sara Tan, Ivan Mathis, Sandrine Nkouka, Marine Colard, Frank Micheletti et le groupe Potochkine.

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13th of may 2017

Idio Chichava, Sara Tan, Nolwenn Petersmith, Marine Colard, Frank Micheletti.

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