Kubilai Khan investigations

Conservatoire Toulon Provence Méditerranée

New partnership between the Conservatory of TPM (Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée)and Kubilai Khan investigations. Proposal in three acts and presented to the public in the hall of Théâtre Liberté. We keep on this partnership and in 2017-2018 we will explore sites of Hyères.

Out Of The Box #5 -
17th of march 2018 - (Complexe aquatique, Hyères)

Out Of The Box #4 - La danse, la chasse et les bois
9th of november 2017 - 19h00 (Collégiale Saint Paul, Hyères)

Retour sur Out of the Box #4 from Kubilai Khan on Vimeo.

Réalisé par Julien Bengel/Mise en boîte production

Out Of The Box #3 - Comme tu as de grands yeux, mon enfant...
30 of may 2017 - 18h30

Out Of The Box #2 - Cockpit voice recorder : Sahara
23d of march 2017 - 19h30

Out Of The Box #1 - Foire le Boucan
22d of november 2016 - 19h30

Out of the Box #2 from Kubilai Khan on Vimeo.

Realised by Silverprod

photo: Marie-Eve Heer
16/6/2018 Out of the Box # 6, Site archéologique d'Olbia, Hyères
17/3/2018 Out of the Box # 5, Complexe aquatique, Hyères
9/11/2017 Out Of The Box #4, Hyères
30/5/2017 Out of the box 3/3, Théâtre Liberté, Toulon
23/3/2017 Out of the Box #2, Cockpit voice recorder : Sahara, Le Liberté
22/11/2016 Out of the Box #1, Foire le boucan, Théâtre Liberté