Kubilai Khan investigations

Black Belt - teaser from Kubilai Khan on Vimeo.

Black Belt spits out a magic ink that reveals the troubled and disturbed areas of living.
Black Belt looks at Africa in movement, into that which lives there and not that which is seen as a fantasised vision. [full text]
An electrifying encounter between the dancers of Kublai Khan investigations and a rock band. This meeting with boundless energy immerses us closer to these trajectories and fluidities that mark our lives. [full text]
no.W.here draws a strange curve of the representations' plans, this duo observes and probes the little space left for bodies beyond conventions, it suggests ways of being and thinking of oneself which do not reproduce a relationship to the power of norms or a continuation of codes. Would it be possible for the diverging gestures to escape the control of categorisation ? [full text]
A performance by Kubilai Khan investigations, in partnership with the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, and with the support of the departement of Seine-Saint-Denis. [full text]
Is tomorrow already here somewhere? If so, where is it? Where are we? Where are we with all this? What fictions are we living with? Tomorrow is already today and as it is we are not sure of our present. So in what terms are we going to speak of the future that awaits us? [full text]