Kubilai Khan investigations
We rediscover the same team as in BIEN SUR LES CHOSES TOURNENT MAL that came back from that dystopia that catapulted us in 2393 to attend our occidental civilisation collapse. [full text]
Black Belt spits out a magic ink that reveals the troubled and disturbed areas of living.
Black Belt looks at Africa in movement, into that which lives there and not that which is seen as a fantasised vision. [full text]
Trona est ici un prénom de 5 lettres que nous avons décomposé en 5 chapitres : Tempête / Rite / Onirisme / Nuit / Archéologie. Ces chapitres accrochent au corps des intensités qui se relient à des paysages avec des reliefs accidentés. [full text]
The physical state of our world is chaotic nowadays, from now on it’s a stormy space. L’EMPIRE is a black light [full text]
An electrifying encounter between the dancers of Kublai Khan investigations and a rock band. This meeting with boundless energy immerses us closer to these trajectories and fluidities that mark our lives. [full text]
No More Spleen is the second part of the creation by Frank Micheletti and Charles Robinson for the Festival Concordan(s)e. The choreographer and the writer build a dialogue about our society and the way it makes us insane. [full text]