Kubilai Khan investigations
VOLT(S) FACE - 2017

Volt(s) Face - teaser from Kubilai Khan on Vimeo.

By Silverprod

An electrifying encounter between the dancers of Kublai Khan investigations and a rock band. This meeting with boundless energy immerses us closer to these trajectories and fluidities that mark our lives.

Addictive, exciting, sometimes harmful, what could be more exhilarating than the games of the streams in which we engage every day in everyday life? Immersed in the heart of the life and of the city, we dive in journeys across physical and emotional mobilities that take us away without paying attention to it. Tensions, stimulations, agitations, these rhythms and shifts reflect the urgency we are caught up in. During a trip, a concert, Papier Tigre and Kublai Khan investigations share with you this journey in to the heart of the emergency, in this bath of speeds and accelerations, sometimes foolish but essential. Volt(s) face measures the dynamics tension of an electric present time beard by dazzling dancers and musicians.

What press says :
>>> Zibeline, 100 000 volts et plus by Marie Godfrin Guidicelli

>>> DANSER CANAL HISTORIQUE, Kubilai Khan investigations & Mugstar by Nicolas VILLODRE


MUGSTAR came together in their current form in 2002. Their first 7” single was picked up by John Peel, he then promptly asked them to record a PEEL SESSION for his BBC Radio 1 show. The sound of MUGSTAR has been described as a “potent brew of punishing riffing, krautrock grooves, clattering surf guitar and post punk urgency all filtered through an intergalactic pulse – which has ensured them a place on all the major psych-rock festivals throughout Europe.”
The self-titled first album: MUGSTAR was released in 2006 on their own Critical Mass label. Since then a string of singles and albums have followed on labels such as Important and Rocket Records. Including split releases with the likes of Oneida, Carton Melton and Mudhoney. As well as an incendiary live album: “Start From Zero”, recorded with CAN legend: Damo Suzuki. Indeed, MUGSTAR’s intense live performances are internationally recognised.
MUGSTAR are also acknowledged and highly regarded for their cross-over activities into areas of Art and Performance. For example: playing in a greenhouse, as part of New York based artist Peter Coffin's "Greenhouse" project (for the Liverpool Biennial); performing a live score for Korean artist Ho Tzu Nyen's film "Earth" and also, performing on stage with French based contemporary dance troupe - VOLT(S) FACE Kubilai Khan Investigations - as the opening event to a week long Arts Festival in Roubaix. MUGSTAR have performed in the TATE GALLERY - in Liverpool and London – in conjunction with the Tate’s “Astro Vivid Auto Focus” (AVAF) and “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” exhibitions.
Most recently; MUGSTAR have performed a live soundtrack to the film “Ad Marginem” at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands; completed their first American Tour (incorporating the Austin Psych Festival); and played at London’s famous Roundhouse as part of MOGWAI’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Following on from this, MUGSTAR’s next album: “Magnetic Seasons” is set for release early next year on Mogwai’s label - ROCK ACTION RECORDS.


Choreographer: Frank Micheletti
Dancers: Viktoria Andersson, Gabriela Ceceña, Maria de Dueñas López, Idio Chichava, Esse Vanderbruggen, Sara Tan, Csaba Varga

MUGSTAR : Luke Mawdsley – Guitar, Neil Murphy – Guitar, Marc Glaysher – Bass, Steve Ashton – Drums

Ivan Mathis

Laurent Saussol

Kubilai Khan investigations

Les Salins scène nationale de Martigues
Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Beauvais
Spectacle soutenu dans le cadre de l’accueil studio :
- Viadanse centre chorégraphique national de Bourgogne Franche-Comté à Belfort
- CCN - Ballet National de Marseille

Crédit photo: Jean-Michel Blasco

8/6/2018 Festival Temps Danse, Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Beauvais
7/6/2018 June Events, Cartoucherie, Théâtre de l'Aquarium, Paris
25/4/2017 PREMIERE, Théâtre des Salins, Scène nationale de Martigues