Kubilai Khan investigations
Réserve Naturelle - 2018
Réserve Naturelle turns over a situation, the adult’s one, those who read a story to their kids.
Here, it’s the kids that are narrating out loud stories to make our head spin.
Around these voices, a female body rushes forward, a body that evolves and coils in a metamorphosis flow. A short treaty about marvellous interruptions announces us that justice must be done in every way leaving creatures express themsleves. That leaving is making ourselves a certain idea of the world and that the mouth is luminous from the inside. There’s something in it, the tongue, to take the floor and surprise its listeners in order to renounce pulling back its desires of the merchandise, the patentable DNA, the kind of substance that is too easily common, the widespread vibration… The children tell us about Empedocles that speaks about Tuke, the meeting, which reigns on the body assembly, it seems to be fate but it is necessary. Just like the four elements, water, earth, wind and fire are materials. The four elements that forms pieces of the earth description. That ballade deals with heat and shadow powers, remainders that subsit in more or less underground ways, to see and feel vertiginous perspectives coming closer and closer, like a soul magnet…

Réserve Naturelle, Festival Artdanthé, Conservatoire de Vanves mars 3018

Spectacle Jeune Public

Danse : Sara Tan
Musique : Frank Micheletti, Marine Colard

Réserve Naturelle a été créée lors du parcours sonore et chorégraphique "Sounds of Seine-Saint-Denis" à la Médiathèque de Bagnolet le Vendredi 9 décembre 2016.

Crédit photo: Benoît Chapon
31/3/2018 Artdanthé, Conservatoire de Vanves
20/1/2018 Nuit de la Lecture, Bibliothèque Centrale, Toulon