Kubilai Khan investigations

Yaguara is a phantom power that provides a positive tension on the dancing music charts signal. It cultivates its sounds by injecting synthetic hot peppers that lead to hot flushes. Yaguara doesn’t buy its vinyls at big distributors, it plays only discs that doesnt run smoothly, thoose who scratch and get away from the sound planetsthat are too banal.

An electro-magnetic poetry may be released, its sound whashing up to a cove where some voluptuous mermaids are dozing and lacking in mutlicolored masquerade and shamanic ambiance.

Under its synthetic tropics, the power often provokes joyfull and torrid sound storms, with high speed tempos that softens to make the night more sweat, to dance like climbers.
8/6/2019 Dialectics of Meteors, Mouv'Danse, Montval sur Loir
18/5/2019 Rizières Pop: Yaguara's DJ set, Musée de la chasse et de la nature, Paris
5/5/2019 Fête de la Danse en Suisse, Genève
2/5/2019 Fête de la Danse en Suisse, Genève
26/4/2019 Musée des Arts Asiatiques, Toulon
27/2/2019 DansFabrik, Brest - La Carène
22/6/2018 Yaguara, Liberté ville, Place du Globe, Toulon
12/4/2018 Supérette Chicago, Audio, Electron Festival, Genève, Suisse
5/4/2018 Soirée Jaguar, Chic Planète, Toulon
24/3/2018 The Back Door, Artdanthé, Théâtre de Vanves
23/2/2018 Je suis arrivé demain, Scène Nationale Les Salins, Martigues
19/1/2018 Tornada Tropical, Le Liberté Scène nationale, Toulon
16/9/2017 Tour Royale, Festival Constellations, Toulon
22/6/2017 Soirée Jaguar, Chic Planète, Toulon