Kubilai Khan investigations
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - created in 2012

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright // Teaser from Alban Van Wassenhove on Vimeo.

In today's world everything is becoming faster and faster.

The contemporary relationship to time draws us into the spheres of acceleration that are the principal experience of modernity. Towns move, they are the territories that these incessant movements prefer, movements whose driving force is the gain by the domination of the most rapid.
Terrains that facilitate speed, where time is becoming more and more important, towns see their spaces compressed more and more and our perception of these is becoming weaker and weaker.
From this constant acceleration as it is experienced in towns, the phenomena linked to dynamism will be explored : fluidity, new social relationships, multiple stimulations and to test their limits : tension, agitation, disturbance, pressure... Facing the changes engendered by the accelerations, the movements, the mutations of society, how do we position and find ourselves and each other ? How can these new ways of existence be shared while respecting one's intimate and collective desires, those that gradually appearing in the construction of a renewal of the way of living ?
29/4/2017 Espace 93 - Clichy-sous-Bois
4/2/2015 CCNBN, Caen
30/1/2015 Espace 1789, Saint Ouen
20/10/2014 to 24th of nov: African Tour: Madagascar, Ethiopia, Tchad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Senegal, Cameroun
16/10/2014 & 17, Scène Nationale de Besançon
15/10/2014 Arsenal, Metz
27/3/2014 Agora centre culturel PNAC, Boulazac
25/3/2014 Théâtre des sept collines, Tulle
22/3/2014 Théâtre des 4 Saisons, Gradignan
18/2/2014 Carré Magique, Lannion
15/2/2014 Biennale Danse Emoi, Limoges
11/2/2014 Théâtre des Salins, Martigues
1/2/2014 Festival Pharenheit at Volcan, Le Havre
30/1/2014 Espace 1798, Saint Ouen
28/1/2014 Passerelle, Gap
24/1/2014 Hippodrome, Douai
6/12/2013 Saint-Raphaël
3/12/2013 Espace Malraux, Chambéry
7/6/2013 Hanoï, Vietnam
4/6/2013 Surabaya, Indonesia
1/6/2013 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
30/5/2013 Jakarta, Indonesia
27/5/2013 Bandung, Indonesia
23/5/2013 Danz Festival Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg
21/5/2013 La Croisée des Arts Pôle Culturel Provence Verte, Saint-Maximin
17/5/2013 Théâtre de la Méridienne, Lunéville
21/4/2013 Odessa, Ukrania
19/4/2013 Donestk, Ukrania
17/4/2013 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrania
15/4/2013 Kharkiv, Ukrania
13/4/2013 Kiev, Ukrania
12/2/2013 to 16th, Maison des Arts, Créteil
1/2/2013 Mâcon Scène nationale
29/1/2013 Manège, Maubeuge
11/12/2012 to 14 : Théâtre National de Bretagne, Rennes
4/11/2012 Arts Forum, Amman, Jordanie
15/9/2012 Théâtre Louis Aragon, Tremblay-en-France
22/6/2012 CNCDC, Châteauvallon
22/5/2012 Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis- Espace Michel Simon de Noisy-le-Grand
12/4/2012 Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
6/4/2012 & 7, Apostrophe scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise
3/4/2012 Centre Culturel, Taverny
23/3/2012 Première : Espace Germinal, Fosses
12/3/2012 to 17: Résidence à l'apostrophe scène nationale de Cergy Pontoise et du Val d'Oise
20/2/2012 to 4 march: Résidence Espace Germinal de Fosses
14/2/2012 to 18 : Residence de création, Théâtre Paul Eluard, Bezons
31/1/2012 Présentation du travail en cours, CNCDC, Châteauvallon
30/1/2012 Présentation du travail en cours, Forum, Fréjus
16/1/2012 to 3 feb.: Residence CNCDC, Châteauvallon
25/10/2011 & 26, Présentation du travail en cours, KLAP, Marseille
20/10/2011 au 12 nov.: Résidence au CNCDC, Châteauvallon
12/9/2011 au 18 : Residence à l'Espace Germinal, Fosses
5/9/2011 au 9 : Residence CNCDC, Châteauvallon
22/8/2011 to 2 sept. : Résidence au Ballet National de Marseille