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Siyin, Photos de Benoit Chapon et Sem Brundu

« Siyin » is a trial of oneself. A self shifted by several thousands of kilometres.
Sara was born in Singapore and now lives in Brussels to fulfil her desire to dance.
Sara Leah Tan Siyin is the full name that appears in her passport.
Her Chinese Christian name was given to her by her grandfather, literally it means “Thought and reflection with poetry” and she has inherited from her father (a graphic artist) a deep awareness of the interaction between humans and things, of the importance of detail and the shades of meaning that surround all our gestures.
Fragments of lives will be extracted from the context of her personal biography and “ redesigned” for the experience of the stage.
This show observes the sensory poetry of reality, between engagement and disengagement, between materiality and the spirit, to touch something more than the self.
A direct form of writing, as close to oneself as possible, to disencumber images, to empty forms, for the image of oneself that does not exist.

Choreography and live music: Frank Micheletti
Dance: Sara Tan
25/9/2015 Siyin, Les plateaux de la Briquetterie, Mac Créteil